>>> Show All    >>> Tomas Sauter & Daniel Schläppi "The Summer I Was Ten"    >>>  Tomas Sauter "The Faraway Nearby"    >>> Tomas Sauter "Mind Reader"    >>> Tomas Sauter & John Stowell "Anytime"    >>> Tomas Sauter "Double Life"    >>> Tomas Sauter / Daniel Schläppi / Jorge Rossy "Perceptions"    >>> Tomas Sauter / Daniel Schläppi / Jorge Rossy "Wonderland"    >>> Tomas Sauter / Daniel Schläppi "First Day In Spring"    >>> Tomas Sauter Tranceactivity "Findling"    >>> Tomas Sauter "Magic Carpet"    >>> Tomas Sauter / Daniel Schläppi "Indian Summer"    >>> Tomas Sauter Tranceactivity "Flora"    >>> Tomas Sauter Tranceactivity "Fluo"    >>> Sauter, Joss & Bitterlin's TOY "Out Goes The Rat"    >>> Guitarthing "S O L"    >>> Guitarthing "Up & Down"   

Tomas Sauter - g, loops Urban Lienert - b Christoph Staudenmann - dr
Altri Suoni [2002], AS 116

All tunes composed by Tomas Sauter, except* composed by
Christoph Staudenmann, except** composed by Tomas Sauter Tranceactivity

Recorded and mixed by Adrian Steiger
Mastered by Glenn Miller at greenwood studios
Produced by: Tomas Sauter Tranceactivity
Executive producer: Peter Bürli

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